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Trends in Prescription Glasses for the Summer

In Summer you change your wardrobe. Your look is refreshed, you avoid long pants and even shorten your hair. Why not also renew your look? We present you with the trends in prescription glasses designed to fit your summer days.

Cleaner looks:

With the heat comes minimalist, light and clear styles, which give way to a fresher and more summery image. And the look is not going to be less. Therefore, the trend for this summer is for rimless frames that combine the look of fashionable sunglasses with prescription lenses. A design that is reflected in the “Aura Pink Model”, is a very feminine frame that gives way to a clear and wide look thanks to an architectural style that frees the eyes, providing freshness and modernity.

Another option to maintain a clear look is the “ Eclipse”. A Smart Glasses frame that combines the seriousness of a classic image with the audacity of a transparent frame. Perfect to show off your look during summer nights.

Fresh Elegance:

In summer we spend more hours outdoors. The nights are getting longer and you need elegant but informal frames that will fit  you on all of your appointments. “Street 1 Transparent” prescription glasses are perfect for adding a retro touch to your summer outfit. In addition, its butterfly shape with an elongated silhouette and its large crystals.


Another versatile model for this summer is the “Street 1 Pro”. These ultra-light Smart Glasses are perfect for the hottest season since their frames combine the lightness of materials with different lines designed for different occasions. Combining comfort and elegance has never been so easy.

Full color:

If the joy of summer is reflected in the colors of our clothes, why not get some colorful glasses? Colored frames are back to becoming one of the trends of the season. That's why you will find the “Aura Green” prescription glasses model in different colors. Butterfly frame lenses are ideal to give a joyful touch to your look.

Glasses for Every Occasion:

If you are looking for the latest trends in prescription glasses for this summer, at Manha Eyewear you have the opportunity to get several models. Discover new models at our website and start enjoying a fresher, more summery look now.

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